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Suppliers of Pre-owned & Reconditioned Textile Machinery

Reconditioning and Commissioning Services

We can sell a machine fully reconditioned or we are able to refurbish & recondition your own existing machine, give it a thorough overhaul and upgrade and then re-install it and test it, to your satisfaction.

For a fully reconditioned machine, we: –

  • Dismantle the machine down to its individual modules, clean and carry out any repairs and renewals to any worn parts as required.
  • Re-build the machine to either its original specification or with any upgrades to meet your required specification.
  • All machines are then fully tested before installation.

It sometimes makes financial sense to renovate and modify an existing machine instead of buying a new one, especially when most updates can be retro-fitted.

Renovation may also make sense, if it is difficult to find a suitable replacement machine, particularly if the specification is unusual.

Please see some examples of our work below:-

Ramisch Kleinewefers Calender >

Osthoff Singeing Machine >

Kusters Dye Padder >

Kusters Calendar >

Mezzera Jig Dyeing >

We can install and commission machinery at your premises. Our experienced engineers can also perform modifications and diagnose any electrical or mechanical problems.

Project Management

We have experience acting as project management consultants where we are not only instrumental in the selection of machinery, but also its supply, delivery, and on-site installation - worldwide. We can also arrange management and technicians to establish production either indefinitely or for a contracted period.

Technical Expertise

We have a wealth of knowledge cumulated over two generations and as a result we are able to give advice on most textile related technical issues.