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KUSTER DYEING PADDER, TYPE 222/11 COMPLETE WITH CHEMICAL DOSING TANK LIQUOR TROUGH WITH 3 UNDER LIQUOR SQUEEZE ROLLERS, NON-STOP BATCHER ONTO A-FRAMES RECONDITIONING WORK AS FOLLOWS: Completely strip the machine down to its individual components shot blast clean and repaint all reusable parts. Mechanical work Replace all transmission parts such as bearings belts and chains All new fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Recondition all geared drives and fit with new motors or rewind the original motor Recover with new rubber the 2 S rollers Recover with new rubber the 1 bow roller Recover with new rubber tape covering the fabric draw rollers Polish all ss path rollers and stainless steel trough Electrical work New control panel with new AC inverter by ABB or Siemens all new cables & safety switches from the main control panel to the motors and switches.