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ROLLER WIDTH 3400MM ORIGINAL YEAR 1996 ***TO BE FULLY RECONDITIONED IN 2022, SUBJECT TO ORDER*** KÜSTER COLD PAD BATCH DYEING RANGE TYPE 222.17-3200 MAX FABRIC WIDTH 3200MM ROLLER WIDTH 3400MM PRE- TENSION ENTRANCE FRAME WITH PATH ROLLERS E+L KF20 -20 FABRIC EDGE GUIDERS, SS DYE BATH WITH 4 RUBBER COVERED UNDER LIQUOR SQUEEZE ROLLERS ONE BOW SPREADER ROLLER MOUNTED BEFORE THE SQUEEZING POINT 2 HORIZONTAL SWIMMING ROLLERS WITH FLOATING NIP – 75% SHORE HARDNESS COLOUR LEVEL SENSOR IN THE DYE BATH CONNECTED TO THE 4-1 RATIO DOSING PUMP, MAIN DRIVE MOTOR 22 KW WITH AC FREQUENCY INVERTER TAKE OFF VIA BASTION HYDRAULIC A - FRAME ROLLING UNIT AT EXIT TO ROLL-UP THE DYED FABRIC - WITH PHOTOCELL SENSOR UNIT TO AVOID CONTACT BETWEEN CYLINDER ROLLER – FITTED WITH NEW CENTER WIND HYDRAULIC DRIVE TO CONNECT TO THE A- FRAME TROLLEY WITH A DANFOSS MOTOR. 2 X STAINLESS STEEL MIXING TANKS WITH 4-1 RATIO DOSING PUMP FOR DYE & ALKALI RECONDITIONING WORK AS FOLLOWS: Completely strip the machine down to its individual components shot blast clean and repaint all reusable parts. Mechanical work Replace all transmission parts such as bearings belts and chains All new fasteners such as nuts and bolts. Recondition all geared drives and fit with new motors or rewind the original motor Recover with new rubber the 2 S rollers Recover with new rubber the 1 bow roller Recover with new rubber tape covering on the fabric batching roller Polish all ss path rollers and stainless-steel dye bath trough. Hydraulic S-ROLL control panel - 3 new manometers Hydraulic S-ROLL control panel - 2 new Calculator type 14 Hydraulic S-ROLL control panel - 3 new Pressure adjusters type 10 Electrical work New control panel with new AC inverter by ABB or Siemens all new cables & safety switches from the main control panel to the motors and switches.